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  • Active ingredient : Dapoxetine
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Manufacturer : Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Duratia?

Men stay away from their female partners because they are not able to satisfy them due to early ejaculation. It is not that some men have ejaculations during penetration and some men have ejaculations before penetration.

If a man ejaculates early, he will be dissatisfied with his woman. Talk to your healthcare provider if you keep ejaculating early for many days. Your medical provider will tell you to have Duratia 30 mg which is specially designed for premature ejaculation patients.

Dapoxetine is present in Duratia which helps men get ejaculations at the right time. These PE medications are available in the leading online and offline medical supply shops.

How Does Duratia Work?

Dapoxetine is a vital component that is used in Duratia 60 mg. The component inhibits the serotonin which in turn increases the action of serotonin in the postsynaptic cleft. The component also promotes the delay of ejaculation which helps men control their early ejaculation. When you take this drug cautiously, you will not be affected by side effects. 

Uses Of Duratia

Men who feel difficulty in getting an early ejaculation need to use this PE drug. A lot of men go through these premature ejaculation problems which get resolved with the help of a medicine. The drug is designed to treat PE patients so that they do not have to refrain from having sex because of early ejaculation issues.

Using Duratia 90 in a proper duration and dose will make the drug work faster. Men with premature ejaculation problems will recover from PE with this effective drug. Take this drug if a man suffers from pulmonary arterial hypertension problems or erectile dysfunction.  


PE patients will come across various dosages of Duratia which are available in various pharmacies. Do not have a dose without contacting your medical professional. It may result in serious health problems in the long run. Your medical practitioner will decide the right strength of the PE drug for you which you need to take as you have been told. 

  • How To Take It

Have a whole tablet of Duratia with a full glass of water without breaking or chewing it. Taking this PE tablet at a specified time will help you have control over early ejaculation. PE patients can use this medication when they are on an empty stomach or when their stomach is full. Have this PE pill an hour before having a passionate lovemaking session. 

  • Miss Dose

If a pill of Duratia gets missed accidentally, take it when you recall next. Dump the missed dose if it is within an hour of your new dose. 

  • Overdose

Having more than one tablet of this PE drug in a day can affect your health a lot. Some side effects may likely crop up when you double up a dose. 

Strengths And Substitutes Of Duratia

Strengths and substitutes of Duratia are accessible in all pharmacies. Your doctor will tell you which strength your body needs. As per your age and health condition, a suitable strength will be suggested to you. 

Side Effects Of Duratia

Premature ejaculation patients complain about having some side effects after using this drug. Some side effects include high blood pressure, nervousness, blurred vision, headache, or libido. Other side effects are dry mouth, insomnia, excessive sweating, upper respiratory infection, and dyspepsia. 


Some drugs are likely to show interactions when you have Duratia. It is important to let your healthcare provider know about your latest drugs. Drug interactions may affect your health to a greater extent in PE patients. 

  • Drug Interactions

  • Avoid vitamin supplements when you take this premature ejaculation drug.
  • Stop using Fluoxetine when you are taking the Duratia drug
  • Do not take Acetylsalicylic acid with this PE drug which can show drug interactions. 

  • Disease Interactions

  • If your kidney or liver is impaired, stop using this premature ejaculation drug.
  • PE patients who have bipolar disorder should not use this medicine. 
  • If you have glaucoma, Duratia is not designed for you.
  • If you are a depression patient, this PE drug needs to be avoided.


  • PE men with liver issues or bipolar disorders need not use this premature ejaculation drug.
  • If a PE patient is lactose intolerant, Duration is not for him.
  • Stop using this premature ejaculation drug with recreational drugs.
  • If you recently had dental surgeries, this drug is not intended for such patients. 


  • Children below 18 years of age are not allowed to have Duratia.
  • Women who are either pregnant or at the stage of breastfeeding are also not allowed to use this PE pill.
  • Let your healthcare provider know about all the drugs you have before starting these premature ejaculation pills.


Store Duratia in a dry and dark spot where heat does not reach. Keeping the strips in a clean and neat place is essential. When you store the drug, make sure your tablets are not in a damaged condition. 

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How Effective Is Duratia For Premature Ejaculation Patients? 

Duratia has Dapoxetine which decreases the risk of premature ejaculation in men. Males who suffer from early ejaculation issues for a long time should use this medicine. 

Is Duratia Available In Pharmacies? 

Get this premature ejaculation drug in every online and local drugstore. This medicine is a famous drug that helps men recover from PE. 

Can Duratia Be Taken By Allergic Premature Ejaculation Patients?

Dutaria should be used by those premature ejaculation patients who do not have allergies. If a PE patient has other allergies, it is best not to use this drug

Can Premature Ejaculation Patients Who Have Vitamins Take Duratia? 

Premature ejaculation men need to avoid Duratia if they are on vitamins. If a PE patient ingests vitamin supplements, they need not use this PE drug. 

Can Blood Pressure Patients Use Duratia? 

Blood pressure patients should refrain from using this PE medication. Taking this drug with low or high blood pressure can give rise to heart ailments. 

How Many Tablets Of Duratia Do You Need To Take In A Day? 

Doctors prescribe Duratia tablets only once a day. Ingesting more than one tablet can decrease the effect of medicine. 

Is Operating A Machine Allowed For PE Patients After Using Duratia? 

Operating a machine right after having this PE medicine can affect your health. You may not see clearly after taking this PE tablet.