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 Vidalista 40 mg

Vidalista 40 Mg

  • Active ingredient : Tadalafil
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Tadalafil 40 mg
  • Manufacturer : Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Vidalista 40?

Vidalista 40 is a medicine that potentially helps men to recover from failing erection issues. if you ever face the symptoms of delay in achieving an erection or repeated failure in achieving a strong and hard erection, the Vidalista 40 pills may help you in those cases.

With the help of the Vidalista 40 pills, it is possible to get a strong and hard erection even if you have impotence or erectile dysfunction disorder.

Only doctors can advise you to use such a medicine whose generic composition is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is the generic ingredient that allows an erection to occur smoothly regaining previous levels of hardness easily.

If you are recommended by the doctors to use such a medicine make sure to ask about specifying the dosage schedule and also the tenure for which you need to use the pills. Also, do not forget to check out the precaution and safety guidelines you must follow for its course.

How Does Vidalista 40 Work?

Vidalista 40 right after intake needs only a few minutes to begin activating its generic component of Tadalafil. This generic ingredient of the pills has a PDE-5 hormone disabling action due to which the PDE-5 hormone presence and secretion would come to a halt.

Eventually, it is the levels of cGMP enzyme that would begin increasing. As the levels of cGMP hormone have reached their maximum working and efficacy stage the nitric oxide begins activating the vasodilation actions on the blood vessel tissues and inner linings.

Due to these vasodilation actions, the blood flow will increase rapidly through the penis tissues and thus begins increasing penis sensitivity.

Eventually, the person can achieve an erection normally due to the high levels of sensitivity in the penis region.

Uses Of Vidalista 40

Vidalista 40 use needs to be done only according to the specific dosage recommendation given by the doctors. use the pills only according to the recommendations like using a single medicine for a daily purpose use, ensuring a proper time for having the pills each day.

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Each Vidalista 40 pill will have a content of 40mg generic Tadalafil substance in them. This is usually a higher dose variant recommended to patients only when they do not have suitable erection outcomes with the use of smaller dose variants. 

  • How To Take It

Administering the medicines is only possible orally and by swallowing each pill.

Remember to gulp down the medicine using water as simply trying to swallow the medicine could get it stuck in your throat.

Since alcohol and grape juice are contraindicating elements you need to avoid those as well.

  • Miss Dose

If you ever miss a dose of generic Tadalafil Vidalista 40 pills you can't achieve a strong and hard erection.

  • Overdose

If you take an excess amount of Tadalafil it is not safe for your health as it could bring in the possible side effects.

Avoid using more than a single medicine and even disallow yourself to use a dose other than the one that the doctors have recommended for you.

Dosage Of Vidalista:

Strengths And Substitutes Of Vidalista 40

The 40mg generic dose of Tadalafil which is present in each medicine of Vidalista 40 is generally high. Speaking about the strength it is only the second-highest dose of Tadalafil with the highest one being the 60mg dose per pill.

Of course, there are some smaller dose variants of the medicine as well such as the 2.5mg, 5mg, and medium strength doses like 10mg and 20mg doses all available under the Vidalista brand of medicines.

Side Effects Of Vidalista 40

Usually, a patient may only experience mild side effects of Vidalista 40 pills on most occasions such as:






stomach cramps,


dry mouth

But on very rare occasions the pills could bring out some severe side effects like priapism, drop in blood pressure, chest pain, vision blurring, and so on. 

  • Drug Interactions

Usually when you are under a regular course on the Vidalista 40 mg pills some medicines have to be avoided from use since they interact with the Tadalafil component of the pills inducing side effects.

These medicines include those that have a derivative of nitrate, alpha and beta blocker, or protease hormone-inhibiting substances in their composition. Even it is not safe to use any other brand of PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting medicines.

  • Disease Interactions

At times if you have some existing disorders it is not suitable to use the Vidalista 40 pills as a daily course. Usually, heart diseases and even other heart-associated disorders like high blood pressure contraindicate the most.

Even some severe liver and kidney issues could also possibly be contraindicated with the actions of the Vidalista 40 pills.

Precaution & Warning

⚠ It is highly essential that for your health safety, you follow some basic precautionary guidelines. Remember that the first thing you need to know is the substances that you need to avoid using.

⚠ It includes alcohol and narcotic elements such as cocaine and marijuana.

⚠ Do not drive a car either. this is because as seen in side effects you may have a possibility of having a slight headache, dizziness nausea, or vomiting.

⚠ It is also not safe for specific patients with existing disorders such as high blood pressure or cardiac issues like arrhythmia, valve problems, and irregular heartbeat to use the pills.

⚠ For safe use, the Vidalista 40 pills are only prescribed to males who have at least turned 18 and above.

⚠ But even those men who are above the age of 64 must try and avoid using the Vidalista 40 pills.


Store the Vidalista 40 pills only in areas of low humidity and a mild temperature that is less than 30 degrees Celsius. Do not store the medicines in areas where there is too much direct sunlight coming on the pills. Also, choose an apt place for storing the pills such that your children never reach the pills at a height.

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Can I Increase My Dose More Than Vidalista 40 mg?

You can increase your dose of Tadalafil further to 60 mg or even 80 mg per medicine.

How Safe It Is To Use Vidalista 40 mg?

It is indeed safe to use Vidalista 40 mg considering that its composition is in the list of substances approved by the FDA, and it is is prescription medicine.

Can Mild Issues Of ED Be Curable By Using Vidalista 40 mg?

Yes, even the more severe ED issues can be cured by the 40 mg content of Tadalafil generic inside every medicine.

Is The Composition Of Vidalista FDA-approved?

Yes, Tadalafil which is the chief component of the pills has been approved by the FDA.

At What Time Of The Day To Use Vidalista 40?

Generally, you can use the pills at any convenient time of the day depending on when you want to become intimate.

Can I Have Vidalista 40 mg After A Meal?

Yes, you can have Vidalista 40 mg even after having meals. There are also generally no changes needed for your daily diet.

Why Isn’t Alcohol Safe To Be Used With The Medicine?

Alcohol isn’t safe to be used along with the medicine since the Tadalafil content of the medicines will cause a huge contraindication with alcohol and cause side effects most likely including headache, dizziness, nausea, and so on.