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Priapism (painful erection) - Serious Health Problem For Men

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Table Of Content
  • What Is Priapism (Painful Erection)?
  • Painful Erection Causes
  • Other Best ED Tablets:
  • What Are The Types Of Priapism?
  • Who Does Priapism Affect?
  • How Do You Fix Priapism?
  • Treatment For Painful Erection
  • Bottom Line

Do you have an erection that is not completely stiff? Do you experience a prolonged erection that lasts for more than four hours? If yes, the symptoms imply that you are suffering from priapism. Most men experience this sexual health problem at some point in time. Priapism does let men have enjoyable lovemaking sessions. 

Priapism makes an erection painful. When a man goes through this sexual problem, he experiences an erection for the last several hours. This sexual health issue develops when blood stays in the male sex organ and cannot drain. This sexual health issue can take place without any reason. Some health experts believe that this can be due to an underlying health condition. 

Some other health experts believe that an injury or a non-medical use of a medicine may result in priapism. If you do not treat priapism at the right time, it can damage your sex organs. When you experience the signs of priapism, seek medical assistance at once. Your medical provider will assess your sexual health and will prescribe the right medication. Early treatment can cure this sexual health problem in men

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What Is Priapism (Painful Erection)?