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 Acivir DT 200 mg

Acivir DT 200 mg

  • Active ingredient : Acyclovir
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Acyclovir 200mg
  • Manufacturer : Cipla Limited
  • Packaging : 5 Tablets & 10 Tablets in 1 Strips
  • Indication : Infections
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What Is Acivir DT 200mg (Acyclovir)

Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) is a medicine of antiviral nature that can cure various viral infection issues. it is a specially made dissolving type of pill for easier administration and may even be recommendable to children not less than 12 years if the doctors prescribe depending on the type of infection.

Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) is a tablet which when taken regularly allows the gradual curing of such infections completely. We will get to know about the uses of the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) tablets in further detail in the section below.

But remember that using this tablet will need the initial recommendation of a doctor. First, you will need to visit a doctor and if you are suffering from viral infections that fall within the use of this tablet the doctors will surely recommend the use of the pills.

While using it the most important thing to note is to always keep using the pill till the suggested end date provided by the doctors. even if the symptoms of the viral infection have gone away keep using the dose unless the doctors suggest to stop taking further pills.

How Does Acivir DT 200mg (Acyclovir) Work?

When the person is using the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) pills daily it will gradually act to cure the viral infections. The method of working for its generic substance that is Acyclovir will begin by inhibiting the regular metabolic process of the virus. Since it is unable to replicate and grow the virus eventually dies.

Uses Of Acivir DT 200mg (Acyclovir)

Now let us know about the uses of the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) tablets in further detail as it can cure a wide variety of viral infections.

  • Herpex Simple Viral Infection

Generally, this condition can affect other parts of the body but most of the time it affects the surrounding regions of the eyeballs causing whitish marks to appear on those surfaces. The use of the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) here will cure symptoms such as swelling and inflammation of the eyes.

  • Use For Curing Chicken Pox

The use of the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) tablets is extensively done to cure chicken pox in both adults and children. Here it can bring immediate relief from the severe itching, and burning sensations caused by the sore regions of the body while eventually curing the infection.

  • Herpes Labialis Infection Cure

This type of viral infection mostly occurs on the lip region causing it to have sores and inflammation. Usually, this condition too can be cured using the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir).

  • Curing Shingles

Shingles is a painful rash condition causing inflammation, itching, and burning sensations. The effects of Acyclovir can cure the symptoms as well as the infection.

  • Curing Genital Herpes Issues

Here the viral infections mostly occur in the genital and surrounding regions causing swelling, inflammation, and severe itching issues which are curable using tablets.


Depending on the type of infection you are suffering from as given above and also the severity the doctors will most likely recommend a suitable dose. the amount of dose to be used will also depend on your age, sex, and any other conditions or pre-existing disorders.

  • How To Take It

The process of administering the Acivir DT 200mg (Acyclovir) pills is by dissolving in a glass of water and then taking in the entire solution. Avoid swallowing the pill directly with water as it is a dissolving medicine.

  • Miss Dose

The effects of the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) can only take place gradually curing the symptoms of the viral infection. If you too frequently miss your dose the actions of the medicine may fail to provide a permanent cure.

  • Overdose

Excessive use of the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) can also begin the side effects of the medicine. Adjust the dose only as suggested by the doctors.

Other Dosage:

Strengths And Substitutes Of Acivir DT 200mg (Acyclovir)

Usually, the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) is the smaller dose variant of the medicine which can help cure minor to slightly severe issues of shingles, herpes simplex, herpes labialis, genital herpes, and chicken pox issues.

If your condition does not improve with the use of this medicine then the doctors will recommend a higher dose of 400mg.

Side Effects Of Acivir DT 200mg (Acyclovir)

The side effects of Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) are mostly mild ones and anything severe is not expected. You can at most have some itching, burning, and inflammation of the regions of the infection if the dose is being used in excess.


Here are the possible interacting medicines and a list of disorders with Acivir DT 200 (Acyclovir).

  • Drug Interactions

Medicines that you are using to cure any other viral infection may have liabilities to form contraindications in the patients.

  • Disease Interactions

Diseases likely any other form of viral infection or allergy on the skin can contraindicate the medicinal effect of Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir).

Precaution & Warning

Use of the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) medicines in excess can cause side effects to occur so beware of using an overdose.

Avoid the use of alcohol and other narcotic substances as this may reduce the efficacy of the medicines.


Storing the Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) pills is safe within the normal room temperature and humidity conditions.

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Can I Cure Chicken Pox Issues Completely Using Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir)?

If you sustain the dose for a long time you may find a full cure for chicken pox issues.

Can Children Be Safe To Use Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir)?

Yes, children more than 12 years old are generally considered safe to use Acyclovir.

How Many Pills Per Day To Use?

Each day single pill of Acivir DT 200 Mg (Acyclovir) should be enough.

What Can Be The Lasting Time Of Each Medicine?

Each use can provide benefits for about 8 to 10 hours easily.

Can The Virus Become Drug-resistant?

If you miss doses too much or avoid taking it suddenly that is when the virus can become resistant to the drug.

Can I Take A Usual Diet?

Generally, there are no restrictions on your diet so you can go as per your normal one.

Do I Need A Prescription For Using Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir)?

Yes, a prescription is a must-have to buy Acivir DT 200 Mg (Acyclovir).

Is It Safe For Pregnant Mothers To Use Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir)?

There could be some additional health risks of Acivir DT 200 mg (Acyclovir) when used with pregnant women.