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 Acivir DT 800 mg

Acivir DT 800 mg

  • Active ingredient : Acyclovir
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Acyclovir 800mg
  • Manufacturer : Cipla Limited
  • Packaging : 5 Tablets & 10 Tablets in 1 Strips
  • Indication : Infections
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What Is Acivir DT 800mg (Acyclovir)

Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) is a pill dose that will cure viral infections of various types. The medicine has the generic ingredient of Acyclovir and is manufactured in India by one of the largest domestic as well as international manufacturing firms Cipla Ltd.

The Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills can help cure viral infections when the right dose is used for certain days or weeks. Acyclovir could also be recommended for children but this dose of 800mg per pill may be a high dose only suitable for adults and even those who have a severe issue of viral infections.

For administering the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills come in a new dissolving tablet form which has an easier form of administration. An excess overdose of the substance Acyclovir could also end up causing side effects inside the patient.

How Does Acivir DT 800mg (Acyclovir) Work?

Generic drug Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) begins its mode of action by inhibiting the regular metabolic process of the virus. Thus it makes it completely incapable of replicating itself. Eventually, as the virus is not able to grow or replicate it will die.

Uses Of Acivir DT 800mg (Acyclovir)

There are some specific uses of the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills. Here is a brief idea about the type of bacterial infections that it can cure-

  • Herpes Simplex

This form of viral infection occurs in the eyes and eyeball region causing swelling and pain.

  • Herpes Labialis

This viral infection will mostly occur around the lips causing soreness and inflammation. A common issue or symptom of such a viral infection is sore throat.

  • Genital Herpes

It is a form of viral infection that affects the genital organs and the surrounding areas.

  • Shingles

It is a form of rash condition that occurs on the body. This can cause severe itching and burning sensation in the affected regions.

  • Chickenpox

This viral infection causes the body of the patient to form pores that swell up causing sensations of tingling, itching, and burning sensations.

Since there are so many conditions that the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills can treat you must get diagnosed by the doctor for the exact nature of your viral infection based on which and its severity the doctors will recommend a suitable dose.


Each dose of the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills contains a dose of 800mg of the generic substance present in it which is quite high. Such a high dose is often recommended for severe issues of any viral infection and is suitable for adults only.

  • How To Take It

The way for Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) intake is simple and it is not the swallowing process that you may think. This is a self-dissolving medicine meaning that you will need to dissolve the medicine in water and then administer this solution after stirring with a spoon.

  • Miss Dose

Do not miss taking in the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) dose too frequently as this may make the dose incapable of curing the viral infections. Remember that the drug works only gradually curing the issues of viral infections.

  • Overdose

Any overdose of the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills can cause a likely side effect as Acyclovir is not good for health when it is taken over what you can tolerate.

Other Dosage:

Strengths And Substitutes Of Acivir DT 800mg (Acyclovir)

Usually, there are many doses of Acyclovir the antiviral drug substance. There are smaller doses such as 100mg or 200mg which are most often recommendable doses for mild viral infections.

On the other hand, the 800mg dose is a good alternative for those patients who have not been able to get ideal results with smaller dose pills.

There are other forms of Acyclovir as well such as ointment forms where the gel is for external use application only. Along with this Acivir pills also come in swallowing type pills.

Side Effects Of Acivir DT 800mg (Acyclovir)

Usually, the side effects of the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills are not that severe and only occur as mild variations, and in some cases, they will eventually go away too.

Some of the minor side effects include having slight fever, inflammation, and swelling in the affected regions along with pain, burning, and itching issues.


  • Drug Interactions

It is possible that a few medicines could have interacting capabilities with Acivir DT 800 (Acyclovir). Some of these drugs are mostly antiviral pills for curing other viral infections. 

  • Disease Interactions

The diseases that can most likely interact with Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills include other viral disorders, viral flu, and so on.

Precaution & Warning

Be cautious of using the daily dose amounts only as suggested form the doctors in excess the generic substance may show side effects.

Be reviewed by the doctors if you are using any other medicines and their likely chances of contraindicating with Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir). 


Storing the Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) pills is only safe in the normal temperature and humidity zones. Ensure a safe place that is unaccessible for your children and do not allow much sunlight to creep into that place.

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What Are The Smaller Doses Of Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir)?

The smaller doses of Acivir include 200mg, 400mg, and so on.

Can The Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) Cure Only Severe Issues Of Viral Infections?

Yes, with its high dose, it is possible to cure the most severe issues of viral infections.

Do I Change My Diet When Using Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir)?

No, you will not need to change your diet usually when using Acyclovir brands.

Is It Advisable For Children To Use Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir)?

Generally, it is a much better option for children to use the other smaller dose variants.

Can It Cure Chicken Pox On Its Own?

For curing chicken pox this medicine can be used alone or in combination with other pills.

Is Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir) FDA-approved?

Yes, its generic substance that is Acyclovir is an FDA-approved substance.

Is It Safe To Use Alcohol Along With Acivir DT 800 mg (Acyclovir)?

No, the use of alcohol can probably have more severe side effects so avoid taking it.