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 Varditra 20 mg

Varditra 20 mg

  • Active ingredient : Vardenafil
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Vardenafil 20mg
  • Manufacturer : Healing Pharma
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Varditra 20 mg?

Older men visit their healthcare physicians to get their impotence treated. In the last few years, impotence has been a rising concern that many men go through. In this impotence problem, mostly older men do not get sufficient erections needed for sexual activity. Men complain about not attaining and maintaining an erection.

A lack of blood supply in the penile area makes men suffer from impotence. When blood flow is restricted in the male sex organ, men stop getting and keeping an erection. Talking to a healthcare provider about your ED is necessary, if you want to get rid of impotence. Your medical provider will tell you to take Varditra 20 mg. It is a prescription medication, which consists of Vardenafil. The medication is designed to help men recover from erection problems.

How Does Varditra 20 mg Work?

Vardenafil is the important constituent of Varditra 20 mg, which inhibits the PDE5 action. As a result, it breaks down cGMP. The improved levels of cGMP in the male sex organ relax the smooth penile muscles. When the erectile muscles are smooth, blood flows in the penis, which gives men a stiff erection. Taking the ED drug at the right time can improve your sexual health.

Uses Of Varditra 20 mg

One of the main uses of Varditra 20 mg is to enhance sufficient blood supply in the penile area. Men cannot keep and get a firm erection when blood does not reach the penis. Taking this impotence medication can decrease the risk of ED in men. Another use of this medicine is to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.


ED patients may come across a variety of dosages of Varditra in various pharmacies. Your doctor will have a thorough health checkup to know the existing condition of your impotence. After your health is diagnosed, your medical provider will prescribe a specific dose. You have to ingest the dose of the impotence pill as instructed to you.

  • How To Take It

Gulp down an entire pill of Varditra with a full glass of water. There is no need to squash or split the pill of this brand. Splitting or breaking the pill will decrease the efficacy of the medicine. Ingest the skipped dose in an unoccupied stomach or after having your meal. The medication will work with or without food. Consume the pill an hour before you plan to be intimate with your female partner. The medication needs to be taken once a day and at a scheduled time.

  • Miss Dose

If you happen to miss a dose, remember to take it when you recollect next. The missed dose needs to be taken before you begin your fresh dose. Do not ingest two pills in a day, which can give rise to health complications.

  • Overdose

In case you have taken an additional pill accidentally, tell your doctor about your consumption of an extra dose. Your medical provider will resolve the issue in case you have overdosed on a pill.

Other Dosage:

Varditra 60 mg

Varditra 10 mg

Strengths And Substitutes Of Varditra 20 mg

You will view various substitutes and strengths of Varditra in online pharmacies and local drugstores. Your medical professional knows which strength of Varditra will suit your health.

Side Effects Of Varditra 20 mg

Some impotent patients experience side effects after using Varditra. Some common side effects, that ED patients come across, are flushing, headache, indigestion, nasal congestion, or dizziness. Some ED male patients also complain about having severe back pain. If any of the side effects aggravate, let your doctor know about it.


Drug interactions are possible when you have Varditra 20. It is important to tell your medical provider about the medicines you take now.

  • Drug Interactions

Stop using nitrates when you have this Varditra 20mg. The medication may lead to drug interactions.

Avoid using ketoconazole when you have this effective impotence drug.

  • Disease Interactions

If you have cardiac issues, Varditra 20 is not for you. If you suffer from priapism, keep the ED drug away from you.

Precaution & Warning


Limit the use of alcohol while taking Varditra 20 mg drug. Having this drug with alcohol will increase the risk of side effects.

Do not have this ED pill with a glass of grapefruit juice, which may not be safe for your health.

If you have a history of stroke or heart disease, inform your medical provider before using this ED drug.

If you suffer from hypotension, this impotence medicine is not designed for you.


Boys who are under 16 years of age need not use this impotence drug.

If you get allergies after taking this ED medicine, you should stop taking this ED pill.

If you have other allergies, do not take this impotence drug.


Store the Varditra 20 drug in a place where sunlight and kids do not reach. It is necessary to place the ED drug at room temperature. Keeping the impotence pills in a place where there is no humidity and moisture.

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Can I Take A Varditra 20 mg Tablet After Food?

You must consume impotence tablets as your medical provider instructs you. You must consume this medicine without or after having food.

How Does Varditra 20 mg Tablet Work?

These impotence tablets start working by improving the blood supply into the male sex organ. As a result, this Vardenafil helps sustain the erection for a long time.

What Is The Use Of Varditra 20 mg Tablet?

These ED tablets are used in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction for endless weeks or months.

What If I Miss A Dose Of My Medication?

If you have not taken a tablet, you have to consume it when you remember. Missing out a dose will not give you the erection you want.

Can You Drive After Having Varditra 20 mg?

Doctors advise ED patients not to drive after they consume this impotence pill. If you do so, alertness issues may crop up.

Can I Take Alcohol With Varditra 20 mg?

When you take this ED pill, it is advised not to drink alcohol. Dizziness may likely take place after consuming alcohol with this ED drug.

Can Teenagers Use Varditra 20 mg Pills?

Teenagers should not use this ED tablet. This impotence drug is intended only for male adults who have long-term ED problems for a prolonged period.