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 Toptada Super Active

Toptada Super Active

  • Active ingredient : Tadalafil
  • Form : Capsule
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Tadalafil 20mg
  • Manufacturer : Healing Pharma
  • Packaging : 10 Capsule in 1 strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Toptada Super Active?

Toptada Super Active is a medicine that ideally helps solve the purpose of erecting a penis and for those who cannot do so on their capabilities. The ideal recommendation for such a medicine to be used is preferably good when you are diagnosed with an ED disorder.

ED or male erectile disorder is a condition under which you will have no power to achieve strong and hard erections on your own. With the use of the Toptada Super Active pills, you can actively gain strong and hard erection stability under the influence of the substance Tadalafil.

Toptada Super Active is a prescription medicine that cannot be bought until you have a doctor’s approved prescription on your side.

Toptada Super Active pills need a lot of caution for the patient who is on daily use of such medicines. If you are not suitable or take an improper dose the medicine is also capable of generating side effects in the patient.

How Does Toptada Super Active Work?

The soft gel capsule of Toptada Super Active begins activating its generic composition, Tadalafil soon after its intake. As a result of this Tadalafil getting active, the PDE-5 hormones in your body begin getting suppressed and alternatively, the cGMP hormone will turn activating its presence in your blood. As a result of the latter hormonal secretion, there is also the presence of nitric oxide which dilates the arteries.

The arterial dilation process of the pills involves nitric oxide causing relaxation on the arterial walls that allow rapid blood flow movement. This high-flowing blood is also able to increase the sensitivity of the region allowing a strong and hard erection to occur as a result of stimulation.

Uses Of Toptada Super Active

ED is the only condition that the Toptada Super Active pills can cure although it is also recommended to patients suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia.

ED or male erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of any injury sustained to the penis muscle tissues or due to other physical and psychological disorders in your body. But whatever the reason for having ED in any male the Toptada Professional pills can always induce an erection through making hormonal changes as mentioned above.


The Toptada Super Active has a long time of action. Hence a single medicine is enough to cause hard erections for a few hours so that you can easily fulfill all your sexual desires.

  • How To Take It

The Toptada Super Active pills are soft gel capsules having an edible outer rubber coating and you have to swallow the pills. So have some water in your mouth and put in the daily medicine. Then swallow the medicine using water so that it does not get obstructed in your throat.

  • Miss Dose

Avoid missing your dose. Since you are suffering from ED issues the only way that you will be able to gain erectile strength is by activation of Tadalafil. To avoid missing your dose frequently you can form a habit of using the pills daily at any time of the day depending on your convenience.

  • Overdose

While Tadalafil can effectively bring up a hard penis and sustain such erections, you have to avoid taking an excess of the generic substance. Through overdose, it is possible to only experience adverse situations that involve suffering from the numerous side effects of the medicine.

Other Dose

Strengths And Substitutes Of Toptada Super Active

Toptada Super Active pills are currently manufactured by Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. in two different dose amounts. One is the smaller dose variant of 20mg which is the often recommended dose until your ED issues are too severe. The other one is a slightly higher dose variant of 40mg that enables penis hardness for severe ED issues.

Remember that depending on several parameters such as the severity of ED, your age, existing health, and adjustability to Tadalafil the doctors will likely recommend a suitable dose for the patient.

Side Effects Of Toptada Super Active

Most of the time it is a disparity on behalf of the patient and negligence to adhere to the right dose that ends up causing side effects.

The minor side effects include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, dry mouth, and palpitation issues.

But it can get even more severe than this although such intense side effects rarely occur. Such side effects include chest pain, severely high blood pressure, vision getting hazier, priapism, and lower libido.


  • Drug Interactions

It is possible that a few medicines that you are using already could have medicinal contraindications with the use of Toptada Super Active. So avoid using such medicines. And if you cannot identify such pills which is the most obvious case, visit a doctor with all your pre-existing medicines.

  • Disease Interactions

For pre-existing disorders, the medicine Toptada Super Active pills can be used provided the patient does not have any critical heart disorders. Even those patients who are suffering from severe liver or kidney malfunctions may not be given a prescription to use Toptada Super Active.

Precaution & Warning

Using the Toptada Super Active pills patients will have to adhere to extreme carefulness to use only the right dose, and maintain the frequency of intake.

The substances that you have to avoid include addiction-causing substances and grape juice since of of them have an interactive nature with generic Tadalafil.

Other than this, the side effects of the medicine also need to be shared with your doctor based on which they may recommend a change in dose or brand if needed.


Storing the Toptada Super Active pills is best at room temperature and you don’t need to keep the pills in temperatures less than 15 or 10 degrees Celsius. But on the higher side, a too-hot or humid climate above 30 degrees Celsius isn’t suitable either. Once you have marked a place also ensure that is it out of reach and accessible to toddlers and children at home.

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Medyplexpharma is a genuine online pharmacy that is best for buying any category of medicines including ED generic pills such as Toptada Super Active. The portal provides you a good discounts and offers regardless of your billing amounts. They also ship both to domestic and international addresses costing you less. The portal provides a simple and hassle-free method of buying the pills and you can complete processing our order within minutes.  


How Long Is The Toptada Super Active Pills Active?

Depending on the dose the activation of Tadalafil sustains for about 24 to 36 hours.

Do I Need To Wait For The Toptada Super Active Pills To Act?

Yes, you have to wait for Tadalafil to induce the changes to enable a hard erection. Depending on the dose you use this waiting time can be up to 2 hours.

Do The Toptada Super Active Pills Give Me Erections On Their Own?

No, the pills enable activation of Tadalafil which is enough to provide a sensation to the penis. You won't get hard till you stimulate the penis.

Is Any Food Diet Good With Toptada Super Active?

Yes, almost any diet is good when using Toptada Super Active pills.

Is It Safe To Use Alcohol After The Medicine?

It is unsafe to use alcohol after the pills since it interacts with Tadalafil causing side effects.

Is Toptada Super Active Recommended Form The FDA?

Toptada Super Active is only a generic brand of medicine but its generic ingredient Tadalafil has been mandated for use form the FDA.

Can Females Use Toptada Super Active?

No, females are not safe to use Toptada Super Active pills because it is a male-use medication only.