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 Tadaflo 10 mg

Tadaflo 10 mg

  • Active ingredient : Tadalafil
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Tadalafil 10mg
  • Manufacturer : Cipla Limited
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Tadaflo 10 mg?

Tadaflo 10 mg is the type of medicine that is going to enable your penis to get over the problems of erectile dysfunction issue. This issue in males has been one of the most concerning these days. Having such a disorder, it gets troublesome for patients to enable and achieve a strong and hard erection.
But now, you have an easier solution to uplift your dampened sexual life. And that is with the help of the Tadaflo 10 mg pills.

Once you have this medicine within minutes the medicine will help you to get a strong and hard erection. And with the generic composition of the medicine lasting a long time, it is much easier to get a strong and hard erection. Tadaflo 10 mg pills are essentially prescription medicines only. And thus you need to use it only on the advice of your doctor. Not only this while using the medicines you will have to strictly adhere to the dosage amount and the precaution list suggested from them.

How Does Tadaflo 10 mg Work?

Tadaflo 10 mg the medicine begins activating its generic substance as soon as you take the pill. Activating Tadalafil helps suppress the PDE-5 hormones in your blood that are responsible for controlling the amount of blood flow through the arteries.

During this process, as the PDE-5 hormones get suppressed the cGMP hormone will take its place eventually activating nitric oxide.

The role of nitric oxide inside the blood vessels is to vasodilate the arteries so that they can cause a rapid blood flow movement through the penis tissues. and this is how you can get a strong and hard erection. 

Uses Of Tadaflo 10 mg

Use of the Tadaflo 10 mg pills can only come about as a temporary remedy for curing ED. The effects of your erectile hardness can only be sustained till the medicinal element that is Tadalafil keeps producing the changes mentioned above.

Remember that the use of Tadaflo 10 mg alone does not necessarily guarantee you get a permanent remedy from ED.

But apart from the extensive use of the pills for curing ED issues in men, doctors recommend using the Tadaflo 10 mg pills also for curing benign prostatic hyperplasia. Here the suggestion from most doctors is to use a combination of medicines among which one is Tadaflo 10 mg.


Each dose of the Tadaflo 10 mg pills contains an amount of 10mg Tadalafil generic inside it. As suggested the dose is good to take only for a single time throughout the entire day.

  • How To Take It

Usually, the process of intake for the Tadaflo 10 mg pills is done via the mouth, orally swallowing the entire medicine. To complete the process you will need to have water with it. Remember that you must make use of water or else the entire pill can be obstructed while swallowing it alone.

  • Miss Dose

Since you are an ED sufferer it is best to use your Tadaflo 10 mg pills on time without forgetting to use them. If you want a strong and hard erection to occur naturally then you must depend on the use of Tadalafil without missing even a single dose throughout your entire course.

  • Overdose

An excess dose intake of Tadaflo 10 mg pills can easily end up causing side effects. Taking in too much dose of Tadalafil means that the patient may end up with issues of side effects.

Strengths And Substitutes Of Tadaflo 10 mg

Tadaflo is a generic brand of Tadalafil with many doses. this gives freedom to the doctors to be able to recommend just the right dose for the patient. As for the dose variations, there are a lot of dose variants such as 2.5mg and Tadaflo 5mg which are usually recommended for mild ED issues.

If your ED issues are not curable still, then most doctors recommend using the Tadaflo 10 mg and 20mg pills. It is mostly very rare to find patients suffering from severe issues of ED. But even in this case, Tadaflo has higher doses such as 40mg and 60mg.

Remember that among all these doses the one that you need to use will depend on the condition of ED and how severe it is, your age, and existing health issues.

Side Effects Of Tadaflo 10 mg

The side effects of the Tadaflo 10 mg pills can mostly be mild ones such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, dry mouth, and so on.

But severely overdosing on Tadalafil or having an allergic tendency could end up with side effects for the patient that may need you to visit the doctor. Some of these side effects include chest pain, severe increase in blood pressure, vision blurring, and priapism.


  • Drug Interactions

There is a possibility that a few drugs have contraindications with Tadalafil. If you are a user of these pills restrict them while on the course of the Tadaflo 10 mg.

Some of the drug interactions include pills that are usable for curing heart disorders, reducing chest pain, preventing heart attacks, and those that are recommended after heart surgeries.

  • Disease Interactions

Mostly it is the heart disorder patients that have to be very careful while using the Tadaflo 10 mg pills. the use of the Tadaflo 10 mg pills also becomes risky for those patients suffering from severe kidney and liver health issues.

Precaution & Warning

Patients who are using the Tadaflo 10 mg pills will need to be cautious of taking in alcohol and narcotic substances cause this triggers side effects like headache, dizziness, and nausea.

Due to these similar side effects, it is risky to go on a drive right after pill intake.

Patients who are suffering from any kind of pre-existing disorders will need to clarify their existing health and also the list of medicines that they are currently using. 


Storage of the Tadaflo 10 mg pills is not safe at normal room temperature conditions. you need a low-humid environment to safely store the medicines.

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Is It Safe To Use Tadaflo 10 mg?

Usually, it is safe to use Tadaflo 10 mg pills because it has been approved for use by doctors.

How Long Do You Recommend Using Tadaflo 10 mg?

Consult the doctor as the tenure effectively varies depending on how well you can adjust to the medicinal actions.

When Is The Right Time To Administer The Tadaflo 10 mg Pills?

The right time to administer the Tadaflo 10 mg pills would be just before getting intimate.

Can I Use A Higher Dose If Needed?

Yes. if you are not getting hard erections using the Tadaflo 10 mg pills consult the doctor and use a further higher dose.

Can Tadaflo 10 mg Have Any Good Effects On Women?

No, for the women the use of the Tadaflo 10 mg pills can indeed bring up severe side effects.

How Long Can A Single Medicine Of Tadaflo 10 mg Pills Have Effects?

A single medicine of  Tadaflo 10 mg pills can provide at least 20 to 24-hour effects.

Is The Use Of Tadaflo 10 mg Pills Addictive?

No, addictions or drug dependency cannot occur even when you are using Tadaflo 10 mg pills for months.