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 Super Tadarise

Super Tadarise

  • Active ingredient : Tadalafil/Depoxetine
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Tadalafil 40mg + Dapoxetine 60mg
  • Manufacturer : Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Super Tadarise?

Super Tadarise medicines come in handy when you are suffering from a depth of sexual issues and disorders in your life. This magical medicine is capable of curing not just one but two different forms of sexual issues inside the male body.

The use of the Super Tadarise pills suits mostly males who have an issue that compromises their capabilities on erectile hardening. Along with this, the pills can help delay your ejaculation.

Thus being able to recover from the symptoms of two different sexual disorders you can guarantee yourself of getting a high quality of sexual satisfaction.

The Super Tadarise pills are a prescription element that contains the presence of a certain amount of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine generic substances. And for taking in such composition it is ideal to visit a doctor first since you need their prescription even to purchase the medicines. 

How Does Super Tadarise Work?

The generic component Tadalafil procures a hard and strong erection for the patient by slowing down the effects of the PDE-5 hormones and incubating the cGMP hormone into effect.

Eventually, it is the presence of the latter hormone that also brings in nitric oxide to effect allowing a sense of dilation in the blood. Fast-flowing blood then moves to the penis tissues making the penis region more sensitive to be able to achieve a strong and hard erection.

On the other hand, the presence of the Dapoxetine substance allows the serotonin hormone to be present in larger amounts inside the brain cells. this gives a sense of sexual satisfaction and also abilities to recover from any stressful mood to be able to control your ejaculation better.  

Uses Of Super Tadarise

The use of the Super Tadarise pills needs careful vigilance on behalf of the patients and use them only as per the recommendation of the doctor.

There are a few critical things for each patient to know about before beginning with an abrupt dose of the medicine. the doctors will likely confirm your age, whether you have used any prior brands of Tadalafil or dapoxetine, whether you have any other existing disorders other than Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and so on.

Based on all these inferences the doctors will likely recommend a dose and a certain tenure in which you will need to complete a certain amount of course.


The Super Tadarise pills contain a certain composition of Tadalafil and dapoxetine and it is better to use this drug only once within a day.

  • How To Take It

To use the Super Tadarise pills you will need to swallow the whole medicine. Remember not to crush or try to dissolve it and eventually swallow the whole medicine as a single shot. Also, we would like to recommend avoiding the use of Alcohol or grape juice in particular since these two fluid items may have a chance of forming contraindications.

  • Miss Dose

Do not ever miss out on a dose of Super Tadarise pills before getting horny on the bed. Remember that when you miss a dose none of the usual changes brought on by Tadalafil or dapoxetine will occur meaning that you end up with the symptoms of ED and PE.

  • Overdose

It could be that the reason for having side effects due to an overdose is you take more than one medicine for the entire day. Or else it is also possible that the present amount of dose for either generic substance is more than what you can bear.

Strengths And Substitutes Of Super Tadarise

The total strength of a single medicine of the Super Tadarise pills is 80mg. Containing in each medicine is a dose of 20mg of the generic Tadalafil substance and a remainder dose of Dapoxetine that is 60mg of. Both the doses of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine are present in quantities that will cure most issues of ED and premature ejaculation unless one or both of them are severe.

Side Effects Of Super Tadarise

It is possible to undergo the side effects of the Super Tadarise pills because of reasons not one but many.

Thankfully in most cases, none of the side effects are very severe to your health and will only degrade and go away completely within a few days of a consistent dose. Such side effects include: 

  • headache,
  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • stomach cramps,
  • palpitations, 
  • nervousness,
  • dry mouth,

But it could also be possible to have severe side effects although these are very rare to occur. The most contraindicating and severe side effects of the medicine include chest pain, vision blurring, libido, and a rise in BP to dangerously high levels.


  • Drug Interactions

Drugs that may likely interact with Super Tadarise pills include medicines that reduce blood pressure, control it, control the beating of the heart, or even affluent your mood, causing changes in the amount of serotonin and noradrenaline in its effects.

  • Disease Interactions

Often it is a majority of heart disorders that may contraindicate the actions of the Super Tadarise pills. Remember that you need to be safe from them and avoid using the pills if you have any of such disorders.

Precaution & Warning

The foremost precaution measure that needs to be followed by all patients includes following the dosage routine. You cannot change your dose nor can you increase intake unless the doctors recommend it.

The second and most important safety guideline for patients is to avoid using contraindicating medicines or even other substances such as alcohol, fruit juice of grapes, and narcotic drugs that contain cocaine or marijuana.

Mention your current health issues if any and do not try to hide them. As we told you above, it may be critical for your health to be using pills like Super Tadarise especially when you have disorders relating to the liver and kidneys.


Storing the Super Tadarise pills is safely done only in the normal room temperature environment where the heat is always bound within 30 degrees Celsius and the humidity levels are low as well.

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Is There Any Other Higher Dose Of Super Tadarise?

There is a higher dose variant that contains 40 mg of Tadalafil and the same amount of 60 mg of dapoxetine in each medicine known as Extra Super Tadarise.

Does The Use Of Super Tadarise Pills Guarantee A Cure For Either Disorder?

None of the disorders can be cured permanently using Super Tadarise pills.

How Long Do You Need To Use Super Tadarise?

It would largely depend on how tolerant or adaptable the patient is to using any such medicine.

Is Super Tadarise Pills Addictive?

As such no forms of addictive or drug dependency issues have been found in patients who are using Super Tadarise pills.

Does The FDA Recommend Using Super Tadarise?

The composition within the Super Tadarise pills at least has received the approval of the US drug governing body.

Can I Buy And Use Pills For ED And PE Separately?

Yes, it is possible to buy brands separately for curing both disorders.

Can Women Use Super Tadarise?

No, since the Super Tadarise pills can only cure sexual disorders that occur in males it is not usable in females.