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 Malegra 50 mg

Malegra 50 mg

  • Active ingredient : Sildenafil Citrate
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Sildenafil 50 mg
  • Manufacturer : Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Malegra 50 mg?

Malegra 50 mg is a mild dose of Sildenafil that allows erection potency in males suffering from the condition of impotence. Malegra 50 mg pills have the dose content of the generic substance that is Sildenafil in them that allow you to get strong and hard penis erections.

Ideally, those males who do not have any such penis erection problems must not tempt themselves to try and use the Malegra 50 mg pills. Ideally, this pill can only suit males who are having erection disorder.

So, in case you have been witnessing the ED symptoms lately it is time for you to visit the doctors and get a recommendation from them to try and use the Malegra 50 mg.

It is the content of generic Sildenafil inside the pills that allows you to achieve penile hardness. This generic substance and its use makes blood flow more rapid to the penis tissues raising its sensitivity.

How Does Malegra 50 mg Work?

As soon as a few minutes are gone after taking the pills during the absorption of the medicine the generic content of the pills that is Sildenafil begins acting within the blood.

It can change the concentration of certain blood hormones. At first, it suppresses the actions of the PDE-5 hormones resulting in a change in hormonal balance from PDE-5 to cGMP hormones which keep rising in its concentration.

Eventually the latter makes nitric oxide become effective allowing the penis tissues to have rapid movement of blood and it raises the penis sensitivity to allow you to get a strong and hard erection.

Uses Of Malegra 50 mg

The use of the Malegra 50 mg pills on a prescription basis can only be recommended for curing the ED disorder. Remember that you need to avoid determining the use of the pills on your own. Do not take consultation from anyone apart from the doctors.

Not only you can be recommended to use the pills, but the doctors can give you deep insights as you how you can stay protected from the worst side effects of the medicine. On top of this, the doctors will also specify a certain dosage schedule that you need to follow for a certain tenure.


Each dose of the Malegra 50 mg can have a dose of 50mg of the generic substance Sildenafil in it.

  • How To Take It

To use the Malegra 50 mg pills you will need to swallow down the whole pill with gulps of water. Avoid crushing or breaking the medicine and administering it part by part.

  • Miss Dose

Avoid missing on taking your pills at the right time. if you do not have Sildenafil actions present at the time of having sex you may end up having no erections at all.

  • Overdose

Any excess dose of the generic substance Sildenafil can cause side effects too. You will need to avoid taking a heavy dose of the generic substance.

Strengths And Substitutes Of Malegra 50 mg

The strong dose of Malgera suits males having only mild ED occurrencesBut of course, other higher strengths are available for people experiencing further severe issues. 

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Side Effects Of Malegra 50 mg

Patients may end up with side effects but these may have many possible reasons. One reason is that your body still needs a few days to adjust to the actions of the generic element. These include only the minor side effects of the medicine such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, dry mouth, tremors, and so on.

Other than this the side effects could turn out to be severe as well although these are rare to happen. Some of these occurrences include chest pain, severe rise or drop in blood pressure, vision blurring, and priapism.


  • Drug Interactions

Drugs possibly those that can control your blood flow or raise your blood pressure are the ones that you need to avoid the most.

On the other hand, some antibacterial, antiviral, and contraceptive pills are also likely to cause more chances of side effects together with the use of Sildenafil.

  • Disease Interactions

Diseases such as high blood pressure or any other cardiac issues are the worst problems that may not let the doctors recommend you to use Malegra 50 mg sildenafil.

Remember that desperate use of such medicines even with such existing conditions raises your side effects chances only.

Precaution & Warning

We have mentioned the list of contraindicating drugs and diseases in the above section so go through it to ensure that you do not fall in those categories.

Refrain yourself from being involved with any other task that needs high focus and concentration as the use of the pills can make you feel having a headache and dizziness.

Give up any addictive and substance use dependencies on alcohol or narcotic substances such as cocaine or marijuana.


Storing the Malegra 50 mg pills may suit the best in less heat and humid environments. Ensure keeping away from children’s reach as well.

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What Is The Result Of Using Malegra 50 mg?

The result of Malegra 50 mg is a short-term cure for the problems of ED.

How Can You Understand That Malegra 50 mg Is Working?

When you stimulate the penis you can instantly get hard and strong and this is a possible reason to believe that the medicine is working normally.

Is The Use Of Sildenafil Safe For Women?

No, the use of Malegra 50 mg pills is never safe for women.

What Age Limit Permits You To Use Malegra 50 mg?

18 to 64 years is the age group that permits you to use the Malegra 50 mg pills.

How Long Can The Use Of Sildenafil Be Safe?

Use of Sildenafil pills can be safe for usually a month or longer depending on the doctor's suggestions.

Viagra Or Malegra 50 mg Which One To Prefer?

Malegra 50 mg and Viagra pills are both having the same composition for curing ED issues so you can prefer either of the two.

Is Malegra 50 mg Pills FDA-approved?

No, the Malegra 50 mg pills are not having any FDA approval.