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  • Active ingredient : Ibuprofen
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Manufacturer : Abbott India Pvt Ltd
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : pain
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What Is Brufen?

People who go through various inflammation and pain need to use Brufen. Have Brufen Tablets when you are suffering from pain or fever. The medication should not be continued for a longer duration which can cause health complications. 

How Does Brufen work?

Brufen Medicine is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that stops the release of certain chemical messengers that lead to swelling, inflammation, pain, and fever. When the compound clogs the release of chemical messengers, patients do not feel pain anymore.

Uses Of Brufen

The Brufen drug is not only used to give you relief from pain. But, this drug is equally effective in treating pains and aches in periods and migraines. People who have severe toothaches, sore throat, or nerve pain can also use this medication. Cure muscle aches and arthritis with the use of this effective painkiller.

Patients need to use this tablet as their physician has told them. Buy Brufen to stay away from all types of pain. This medicine is easily accessible in all drugstores. Use this drug as your doctor instructs you to make the best use of the drug. 


In online and offline drugstores, patients can get to see various dosages of Brufen. Patients may catch sight of various dosages such as Brufen 600 mgBrufen 400 mg, and Brufen 800 mg. Your medical practitioner will tell you about the right dose which needs to be consumed once a day. 

  • How To Take It

Take a tablet of Brufen in the right dose. Maintain a fixed time for consuming this drug. This painkiller needs to be taken after consuming food. Swallow this drug in its entire form without breaking or biting the tablet. Gulp down a whole tablet of Brufen with plain water. Your medical professional will tell you when you need to use this drug. The painkiller works best when you have this drug with meals. 

  • Miss Dose

If you have not taken a Brufen tablet in a day, nothing to worry about. You can take it when your mind strikes again. But, consume it after having your food. You can skip the skipped dose if it is close to your next tablet. 

  • Overdose

Doubling up a dose of Brufen can show side effects. Patients must have only one tablet in a day. If the dose gets exceeded, notify your medical professional. 

Strengths And Substitutes of Brufen

Various strengths and substitutes of Brufen can be found in various drugstores. Your medical practitioner will tell you which strength of Brufen you need. After checking your health condition, your doctor will prescribe a specific dose strength of Brufen. 

Side Effects Of Brufen

People who take Brufen may complain about some side effects. dizziness, flatulence, vomiting, abdominal pain, or nausea are some of the side effects. Other side effects can be rashes, headaches, diarrhea, or fatigue.


Some medicines can interact with several other drugs. Therefore, patients need to tell their healthcare providers which medicines they are having currently. 

  • Drug Interactions

If you go through some allergies, Brufen is not for you. 

If you have heart disorders, this medicine can be harmful to your heart. 

If you have a problem with a stomach ulcer, this painkiller should never be used. 

If you have liver failure or kidney disease, stop using this painkiller.

  • Disease Interactions

Avoid using aspirin, ibuprofen, and other drugs that give you reactions. 

If you take NSAID drugs, stop using Brufen. 

If you take medicines for your stomach ulcers and bleeding in the stomach, stop taking this painkiller. 

Patients who take medicines to treat kidney disease, heart disease, and liver failure, stop using Brufen. 

Precaution & Warning


* Keep in mind that Brufen may not suit every person. 

* Avoid taking this painkiller if you have been diagnosed with blood disorders, liver disease, or kidney problems

* Tell your healthcare practitioner about the latest drug you have at present before you take Brufen  

* Avoid alcohol use when you have this effective painkiller which can affect your health to a greater extent.


Patients who have stomach-related problems need to stay away from Brufen 

If you have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, this painkiller must not be used. 

Patients who have asthma or allergies need to refrain from using this painkiller drug.

Do not take Brufen if you have an autoimmune disease. 

Pregnant women need to consult with their doctors before ingesting this painkiller drug. This medicine is not allowed for pregnant women for six months.


Store Brufen in a place where there is sufficient darkness. This medicine should not be kept in a place where there is heat or moisture. 

Why Buy From Medyplexpharma?

Buy Brufen from a well-known and trusted online pharmacy, MedyplexPharma. When you buy this medicine from this established online drugstore, you can expect to get high-quality Brufen drugs at the lowest cost. The medications from this online pharmacy are safe for consumption. Buy only a few strips of Brufen as it is prescribed to you. 


If You Have Stomach Pain, Can You Use Brufen? 

It is necessary to use this medicine after you eat food. Taking this medication on an empty stomach can cause stomach pain. 

Can Brufen Give You Relief From Headache? 

This medicine is designed to give people relief from moderate to severe headaches. 

Can Women Take Brufen During Pregnancy? 

In the first three months of pregnancy, this medicine should not be used. It is best not to use this medicine even in the next three months of pregnancy. 

Can You Take Brufen Without Food? 

It is advised to patients to have this medicine with food. Having this drug on an empty stomach can cause stomach discomfort. 

Can Heart Disease Patients Take Brufen?

If a patient has heart disease, it is best to talk to their doctors before using this painkiller. 

How Many Brufen Tablets Can You Take In A Day? 

Your medical provider will decide the dose and duration which you should take accordingly. Your doctor will tell you how many times you need to take this drug. 

Can Brufen Cause Side Effects? 

If the medication is not taken as per the instructions of a doctor, side effects may crop up in a person's body.