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 Aspadol 50 Mg

Aspadol 50 Mg

  • Active ingredient : Pain
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Tapentadol 50 mg
  • Manufacturer : Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Pain
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What Is Aspadol 50 Mg?

Aspadol 50 mg is a type of medicine that belongs to the category of general pain-relievers. Now this medicine is versatile since it is a general pain killer. Hence some of the different types of pain that the medicine can cure include severe headache pain, pain that occurs during viral fevers in the body, muscle pain due to an injury, pain occurring in the body when you have a cold and cough, pain during periods in females, and so on.

Tapentadol is the generic element that is present in the Aspadol 50 mg pills. This generic element allows to calm down the area and cut off the transmission signals generated from the area and sent to the brain.

Remember that it is mandatory to consult with the doctor to have any form of pain reliever and Aspadol 50 mg is no exception to this rule. Any patient using the Aspadol 50 mg pills will need to use the medicines extremely carefully since there is also a risk of side effects that may occur.


HAB Pharma is the drug manufacturer of the Aspadol 50. A company that is based out of India, HAB Pharma is engaged in various activities such as drug manufacturing, drug research, and even third-party drug manufacturing processes.

HAB Pharma has a wide portfolio of its drugs as well where it manufactures medicines for curing a wide array of disorders. Among the pain reliever category, the Aspadol 50 mg pill is one of the uniquely selling brands in the market. 

How Do Aspadol 50 Mg Tablets Work?

Aspadol 50 mg on intake causes the release of its generic substance, Tapentadol. By mixing with blood it can reach its target destination which is the area where the pain is emanating from. Eventually, at full swing action, it can reduce and entirely cut down any form of nerve communication from that specific region to the brain. Essentially it works by blocking off the signals that are being transmitted from the region and being sent to the brain. 

What Is Aspadol 50 Mg Used For?

As we have told you above, the purpose for using the Aspadol 50 mg pills is wide. For exactly knowing whether the use of the Aspadol 50 mg pills would apply to you, consult with a doctor.

Of course, since it is a form of general pain reliever its applications are for curing a wide range of pain. it can cure general body pain that occurs during fevers or colds coughs and other viral infections, muscle and tissue pain that occurs after an injury or even surgery, and very specific pain such as menstrual pain occurring during the ovulation cycle completion in females, headache, and even tooth pain.

A patient suffering from even two different forms of the above-mentioned pain can use the Aspadol 50 mg pills only to cure both pain issues.

How To Use Aspadol 50 Mg?

The purpose of using the Aspadol 50 mg pills should be largely clear to the patients who are using them. Of course, since it is a form of pain reliever medicine the ultimate objective behind using the Aspadol 50 mg pills would be to relieve pain.

But various aspects need to be discussed before this. Of course, the first thing on which your usage is dependent is the type of pain and severity. For a mild pain issue, doctors may recommend using a smaller dose whereas for a severe form of pain may need to use a larger amount of dose. 

Other than this, your existing health and, the presence of other disorders, are something that that doctors will notice before recommending a suitable dose.

As for usage for the patients, they must keep in mind to avoid any dose. Since the Aspadol 50 mg pills would only take gradual effects in a couple of days you would need to use the medicine without missing even a single dose.

Other than this, patients must also be careful of taking the pill in the right way which is to orally swallow the medicines. Remember that doctors, depending on the type of pain and severity may recommend you with one or more pills to be taken throughout the entire day. if it is a more severe sort of pain d doctors may recommend two doses to be taken at equal time intervals too.

How To Get Aspadol 50 Mg Tablet?

To get your hands on the Aspadol 50 mg tablet find out offers on both the offline and online sales channels. The offline sales entities that largely sell include the local medicine shops or even for bulk orders the wholesalers and distributors.

If you prefer more preferable in buying online, check out online pharmacy websites and whether they would have it available on their website. Check out only the renowned generic pharmacy websites to avoid being a victim of online scams. When you check out multiple portals you can get an idea about the discounts and offers that are prevailing on these websites and then go on to choose the portal accordingly.

Side Effects

Often there is a range of side effects that may occur with the use of Aspadol 50 mg pills. Most of the time it is only the mild side effects that you can expect. These side effects include issues such as

·         headache,

·         dizziness,

·         nausea,

·         vomiting,

·         diarrhea,

·         stomach cramps,

·         Palpitations,

·         flushing,

·         sweating,

·         numbness in the hands and feet,

·         mouth dryness, and so on.

Remember to consult with the doctors if the side effects persist.

Warnings And Precautions

A type of painkiller such as Aspadol 50 must not be used along with other painkiller medicines. Even other medicines of certain types could have chances of interacting and causing further side effects. So discuss with the doctor if you are suffering from other disorders currently and use other medicines for it.

Avoid the use of alcohol or any form of narcotic cocaine as well with the use of Aspadol 50 mg.

Storage Method

Storing the Aspadol 50 mg pills needs a cooler environment that ensures a mild temperature of less than 30 degrees even during the hot weather and with the humidity also being low.