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 Aspadol 150 mg

Aspadol 150 mg

  • Active ingredient : Tapentadol
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Tapentadol 150 mg
  • Manufacturer : Signature Pharmaceuticals
  • Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Pain
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What Is Aspadol 150mg?

Aspadol 150mg is a pain-curing analgesic medicine. The purpose of using this medicine is to gain relief from sharp and intense pain. A good thing about this pain-curing opioid medicine is that it can be usable for curing multiple sorts of pain.

Remember that since it is a pain-curing medicine it may come with some side effects. Linked with this medicine are a few precautionary measures that patients need to take at all times.

Aspadol 150mg is used to cure pain with the release of its generic substance known as Tapentadol.

How Does Aspadol 150mg Work?

When you use a tablet of Aspadol 150mg it begins to release its generic substance that is branded Tapentadol within a few minutes curing pain. And such pain cure effects are possible to get as long as Tapentadol is active in your body.

It works by acting in the brain and causing the brain neurons to avoid feeling the symptoms of pain through some hormonal changes.

Uses Of Aspadol 150mg

So, as we have told you above, the purpose of using the Aspadol 150mg pills is to cure a wide variety of pain.

Now, such pain includes Muscle pain which may have occurred due to muscle injuries, causing muscle strain or sprain, dental pain which is pain occurring due to toothache, neural pain which is pain in the nerves resulting from neuralgia, seizures, epilepsy attacks, severe arthritis pain or joint pains occurring due to osteoarthritis, and even pain occurring in your body due to any viral fever.


As the name of the medicine suggests each pill of the Aspadol 150mg contains a dose of 150mg of the generic substance Tapentadol in it. Remember that there are also other dosage variants available.

So you will need to get in touch with the doctors to help you determine the right amount of dose that you need to take depending on the severity of the pain.

  • How To Take It

The process for administering Aspadol 150 mg pills is through orally swallowing the medicine. During the intake of the pills, you must never be under the effects of narcotic substances such as alcohol or take any form of cocaine.

Other than this during intake avoid chewing or biting the pills since it may not allow the medicine to work to its fullest efficiency.

Remember that you will need to use the medicine only on the symptoms and occurrences of pain when it is just beginning to occur.

  • Miss Dose

Avoid missing doses too frequently. If you keep missing out on doses, it may not allow the medicine to work as it only begins effecting gradually within a few days of taking it. 

  • Overdose

While missing out on your doses may not allow you to gain an ideal pain cure, using an excess dose can be dangerous for your body since it causes you side effects and some of them can be severe too.

Strengths And Substitutes Of Aspadol 150mg

Aspadol is a medicine that comes in several dose variants. So you will need to choose the ideal dose depending on what the doctors suggest.

Unnecessarily using a higher dose of Tapentadol may cause you to face adverse situations. If your current dose is unable to cure you with pain avoid increasing the dose suddenly without consulting the doctors.

Of course, for those patients who do not suit well to the actions of Aspadol, there are other generic brands to use as well.

Side Effects Of Aspadol 150mg

Most of the time using an analgesic pain-curing medicine could cause side effects. but generally, these side effects will go away with time.

These are mostly some of the minor side effects that occur and include 

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • stomach cramps
  • palpitations
  • rise in body temperature
  • muscle cramps


It is possible that the generic substance of the medicine that is Tapentadol could have some possible interactions with other medicines and general substances that have to be avoided.

  • Drug Interactions

Since it is an opioid narcotic it is better to inform the doctors about other existing medicines, especially any group of pain reliever pills that you may be using.

Other than this, medicines that are recommended immediately after heart surgery or to cure frequent chest pain or control high blood pressure may have possibilities of contraindicating with the Aspadol 150mg pills.

  • Disease Interactions

Of course, there are a few diseases that may show up in cases of interaction with the use of Aspadol 100 mg. Most of these include heart disorders, neural disorders, and some bacterial or viral infections.

Precaution & Warning

⚠ When  using Aspadol 150mg the patient is needed to follow some basic precaution measures and warnings that include-

⚠ Avoiding the use of the pills with alcohol or narcotic cocaine

⚠ Never use an excess dose of the pills without a consultation from the doctors

⚠ Informing the doctors about even the mildest side effects that are occurring

⚠ Inform the doctors about your present health along with any severe disorders that may be present currently.


Storage of the Aspadol 150mg pills is best done at normal room temperature and environment where there is not much humidity or dampness.

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How Long Can Aspadol 150mg Work?

Generic Tapentadol is possible to work for about 12 hours.

When Do I Start Feeling Pain-Free After Having The Pills?

After having the pills the pain curing effects will start within a couple of minutes.

Should I Use More Than One Medicine If The Pain Is Severe?

No, it is best to use only a single medicine for a day.

Is It Best For Pregnant Mothers To Use Aspadol 150mg?

There could be some health risks as Aspadol 150mg is not recommended for mothers in the last few months of pregnancy.

I Have High Blood Pressure, Can I Use Aspadol 150mg?

Generally, it may have slight health risks but you can consult with the doctors.

Does Aspadol 150mg Have Drug Abuse Tendencies?

Yes, since it is an opioid doctors will not recommend the use of the pills continually for a few weeks.

Is Tapentadol Safe?

Yes, Tapentadol has been recommended by the FDA for various pain cure effects.