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 Banocide Forte 100 mg

Banocide Forte 100 mg

  • Active ingredient : Diethylcarbamazine
  • Form : Tablets
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Diethylcarbamazine 100mg
  • Manufacturer : GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Packaging : 20 tablets in 1 strip & 30 tablets in 1 strip
  • Indication : Infections
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What Is Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine)

Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) is a sort of anti-helminthic medicine that is usable for curing parasitic infections. When you use this dose it is possible to find a cure for the symptoms and kill certain forms of tapeworm, and roundworm infections such as filariasis.

The use of Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) has to be recommended by doctors since it falls in the Schedule H category of pills.

Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) when used for a few days or weeks can help get rid of the symptoms of itching, inflammation, swelling, and redness which are often the symptoms occurring in the affected regions of the infection.

The good thing about using Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) is that it can also be recommended for use in children although this may be dependent on their age and how much of the dose they can sustain at a tender age. Most often the Banocide Forte 100mg (Diethylcarbamazine) pills are used for curing the roundworm infection known as filariasis in adults.

How Does Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) Work?

The working process of the Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) pills begins when it acts on the parasites and roundworms hampering their daily metabolic activities.

The actions of the drug can also prevent the bacteria from growing faster and being unable to replicate or carry out its usual metabolic process it eventually dies curing the infection and providing relief to the patients from the symptoms.  

Uses Of Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine)

The use of Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) is done mostly to cure some parasitic infections. Along with this, it can cure helminthic parasitic infections, and roundworm and tapeworm infections.

Such a medicine is advisable to use only when your infections are of the above types. Remember that the dose has to be used regularly to gain a sustained action of the medicine so that eventally you can gain a full cure from the infection within a few days.

Before using an abrupt dose and changing the pill dose you must get approval from the doctors as overdosing on Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) could cause some side effects to occur. 


Each dose of the Banocide Forte 100mg (Diethylcarbamazine) contains 100mg of the generic substance diethylcarbamazine substance in it. This is a type of substance that is antihelminthic and antiparasitic causing a gradual cure from certain types of infection.

  • How To Take It

To administer the daily doses of Banocide Forte (Diethylcarbamazine) you will need to swallow the whole medicine. Make a fixed time of the day to administer the daily dose as this way can cause a sustained effect of the pill. Remember that although water can help flush down the medicine without causing any side effects, it is not the same for alcohol.

  • Miss Dose

If you continually keep missing doses every few days then the actions of the generic banocide forte tab (Diethylcarbamazine) get weaker and eventually do not provide a full cure for the infection. Moreover, the problem is that it can cause the parasite to become drug-resistant and this time the parasite will easily grow without having any actions of the pill on it.

  • Overdose

An excess dose of Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) could bring out the side effects inside the patient.

Other Dosage:

Banocide Forte 100 mg

BanocideForte 50 mg

Strengths And Substitutes Of Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine)

The strength of Banocide Forte (Diethylcarbamazine) is the higher dose variant that is recommendable for curing the more severe issues of parasitic infections. You will need to use the pills only when the doctors instruct. Otherwise, there is a smaller dose variant of 50mg Banocide as well that is usually recommended for less severe and mild parasitic infections.

Side Effects Of Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine)

Usually, the side effects of Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) are not that severe although it may occur for a long time.

Most adverse effects of the pills are mild ones and include

  • burning
  • itching,
  • swelling,
  • inflammation issues 


Here are the possible drugs that you may need to avoid with the use of Banocide Forte 100mg (Diethylcarbamazine).

  • Drug Interactions

Drugs that are usable for curing any other parasitic infection could be dangerous. Inform the doctors if you are using such medicines.

  • Disease Interactions

Any other parasitic or roundworm infection may not be safe for using the Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine). If you have already presented any other such forms of infection you will need to consult the doctors.

Precaution & Warning

Usually, you will need to consult with the doctors before using the Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) since this is the higher variant dose.

Do not stop taking the pills until the full course of the medicines has been completed. Always inform the doctors once your use of the Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) pills ends.


It is the normal room temperature conditions that work best for storing the Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) pills. Always choose a less hot and humid place that also has less contact with direct sun rays.

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Is There Any Other Smaller Variant Of Banocide Forte?

Yes, there is a smaller dose of 50mg pills for banocide Forte.

Are Children Safe To Use Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine)?

Yes, mostly the children are entirely safe although the smaller dose of 50mg would be better for their age and health.

Should I Take A Restricted Diet?

Generally, there are no restrictions on your diet when using Banocide pills.

Can Banocide Forte 100 mg (Diethylcarbamazine) Kill Parasites Completely?

Yes, it is possible to get a complete cure using the Banocide Forte 100 Mg (Diethylcarbamazine) pills.

Is It Possible To Purchase Banocide Forte Pills Without A Prescription?

No, Banocide Forte 100 Mg (Diethylcarbamazine) pills always require a prescription from the doctor.

At What Time Of The Day To Have The Pills?

Usually, fix a time depending on your convenience to use the pills daily.

Is Alcohol Safe With Banocide Pills?

No, you will need to avoid the use of alcohol since it does cause some side effects.