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Libido: How Do Men and Women Compare?

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Table Of Content
  • History Of Low Libido 
  • Age And Lifecycle
  • What Is Low Libido And High Libido
  • Causes And Reasons For Low Libido
  • Effects Of Low Libido
  • Preventing And Managing Low Libido
  • Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction
  • Treatment Options
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ

History Of Low Libido

Practically, sexual drive doesn't come with gender but with age. It is an ancient myth that men are more easily sex driven than women because they have a higher testosterone level, which may help them become more easily turned on than women.

Other than the biological factors, there are psychological and social factors that contribute to the differences in the sex drive of males and females.

These depend on the role of relationships and their understanding and emotional connection it is crucial based on communication, and trust and satisfaction in the couple are mandatory for future sexual desire and intercourse in both genders.

Now let us discuss the following points: What is low libido, the possible consequences, what are its possible causes and what are the safety precautions and treatments? Interestingly we have discovered from previous studies that 90% of those who suffer from low libido are not aware that it can be a problem in the future.

Age And Lifecycle

Women usually tend to produce a reduced amount of libido after menopause in their life cycle as this is generally known that the condition normally starts at 50 when they achieve menopausal age.

Menopause causes a lot of hormonal imbalance as well typically a decline in estrogen production and also leads to sexual desires as well, as these changes cause physiological changes and psychological factors related to aging and hormonal shifts.

While men do experience a slow reduction in their testosterone levels as they age, the drop in sexual drive that many women experience after menopause may be less as compared to males. This kind of difference mainly highlights the various impacts or effects of aging based on gender or sexuality.

What Is Low Libido And High Libido

So let us dive into what you mean by high libido and low libido, these are mainly hormone-related due to low release of libido people have low release of sex drive, whereas someone who has high Libido in their body they are very much sex driven and easily aroused that happens more in men. By which men and women can easily compare the level of libido.

Sexual desires are not only female or male-centric it also depends on the relationship and whether it is out of love or just lust. In most cases, it is females who are always looking for a partner who is not only physically supportive but is also mentally and financially supportive, so they can provide a higher level of orgasmic satisfaction.

whereas in men this may last long over time, sometime they may go to any extent to get over their sexual desires and compared to female men they are more sex driven and that they are not much affected by the low libido.

Males and females are very different as females are more variable coming to sexual desires than men. Also, the sex drive lasts longer in females than males as per the research.