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 Ziverdo Kit

Ziverdo Kit

  • Active ingredient : Sildenafil Citrate
  • Form : Tablets + Capsule
  • Prescription : Required
  • Shipping : 6 To 15 days
  • Composition : Doxycycline + Ivermectine
  • Manufacturer : Mankind Pharma
  • Packaging : 1 Kit Of (Ivermectin 12 Mg = 3 Tablet + Zinc 50mg = 14 Tablet + Doxycycline 100mg = 10 Capsules)
  • Indication : Viral Care
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What Is Ziverdo Kit?

Ziverdo Kit is a combination of medicines within the same sachet and the purpose of using such a medicine is to get rid of bacterial and parasitic infections.

Ziverdo kit contains medicines that can be helpful to get rid of bacterial infections or parasitic allergies that occur in a patient at the same time. Remember that before using the Ziverdo Kit pills patients must have an ideal know-how from the doctors on how much of the medicine needs to be used or in what amounts.

It is possible to use the Ziverdo Kit before or after taking pills so you can choose the one that suits your health. You must follow the doctor’s guidance on using the Ziverdo Kit and use the pills only to the extent that the doctors recommend. Taking in an overdose of any medicine within the Ziverdo Kit could end up causing side effects.

Before using Ziverdo Kit you must briefly tell about your current health conditions or if you have any other disorders.

How Does The Ziverdo Kit Work?

Ziverdo Kit has two unique ingredients in them and they all work in the patient’s body without interacting with one another.

Ziverdo Kit contains Zinc acetate, that provides your body with the right nutrients. Another substance present in the Ziverdo Kit is Doxycycline which is a type of anbtibacterial agent. It works to kill the bacterial infection. The method of working on this generic ingredient is to inhibit the important metabolic functions of the bacteria so that it eventually dies.

Ivermectin is the antiparasitic medicine present in the Ziverdo Kit pills that is responsible for curing the patient free of any parasitic infections.  This generic substance works by binding to the muscles and nerves inside the worm’s body causing it to eventually die due to paralysis. 

Uses Of Ziverdo Kit

As we have told you above, the Ziverdo Kit has a combination of medicines in it that are used in the curing of bacterial and parasitic infections.

Remember that you will need to know how long to use the pills safely. Most often the ideal recommendation to use the pills is to complete the entire course of the pills even if the patient finds a cure early. Do not stop taking the course of the pills until it is completed as otherwise the infections may become resistant to the pills becoming even more severe to treat this time.


For daily use, it is only recommended for patients to use a single medicine of all the variants. The amount of Zinc acetate in the pills is 50mg. The amount of Doxycycline which is the abtibacterial substance of the pills has a dose of 100mg and Ivermecin the antiparasitic agent is present in the pills in its 12mg dos variant.

  • How To Take It

The process for taking the Ziverdo Kit pills is to swallow them one by one. Remember that for taking in each medicine in the Ziverdo Kit you will have to flush down the pills with water. 

  • Miss Dose

Do not miss out on your Ziverdo Kit tablet. With the effects of the pills, it is only possible to gain an eventual cure after using it for a couple of days. So better not to miss out on any dose as this will cause the infections to get severe.

  • Overdose

Any pills of the Ziverdo Kit if overdosed could end up causing side effects in the patient. You will need to maintain a consistent dose of the pills as suggested form the doctors.

Strengths And Substitutes Of Ziverdo Kit

Ziverdo Kit has a combination of medicines in it. Currently, this kit does not have any other dose variants. So for the patients to know from the doctors if the use of the pills will be safe for them as they are only available in a single dose variant. If not then you can end up with the adverse effects of the medicine.

Side Effects Of Ziverdo Kit

Most of the time the Ziverdo Kit pills are only able to cause some minor side effects inside the patient only. You can only expect to have some minor side effects and eventually, they will disappear as you continue adjusting to the action of the pills.

These side effects include nausea, stomach cramps, headache, dizziness, vomiting, palpitations, rise in body temperature.


It is possible for a few substances and even other medicines to interact.

  • Drug Interactions

Any other antibacterialantiviral, or antiparasitic medicine could interact with the Ziverdo Kit.

  • Disease Interactions

Consult with the doctor if you ever had liver and kidney problems. With such health risks, it may not be safe to use the Ziverdo Kit pills.

Precaution & Warning

Patients must follow the dosage guidelines. Only stop taking the pills once the entire course of the pills ends.

Avoid being under the influence of alcohol since it can cause side effects.

Do not use the Ziverdo Kit pills with any of the contraindicating pills or even while having some specific disorders.


Storing the Ziverdo Kit pills you will need to find a suitable room temperature place with less humidity.

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Is It Possible To Cure The Infections Permanently Using The Ziverdo Kit?

Yes, the use of Ziverdo Kit pills in a consistent dose can recover from the infections completely.

At What Age Is The Use Of The Ziverdo Kit Pills Safe?

Usually, you can use the Ziverdo Kit pills for kids and even adults but not less than children less than 12 years old.

Can Pregnant Mothers Use The Ziverdo Kit?

Consult with the doctor for there are many further health risks possible being pregnant.

Is It Safe To Use The Ziverdo Kit When Breastfeeding?

Generally, there could be a risk in doing so. Get your consultation with the doctor.

When Do The Ziverdo Kit Pills Cause Contraindications?

When you use any of the pills of the Ziverdo Kit with alcohol or contraindicating medicines.

Till What Time Does The Effects Of The Pills Remain?

Usually, each pill of the Ziverdo Kit will have actions combined for 8 to 10 hours.

How Many Ziverdo Kit Pills Are Safe To Use Within One Day?

For a single day, you will only have to use one medicine and not more.